Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Three Quick Views of the Enneagram

Question: I'm new to the Enneagram, which I find challenging and fascinating. Becoming aware of one's style feels like a Hero's Journey and I'd like to learn more, but find it a bit overwhelming. Do you have something basic? 
When I was first learning the Enneagram, I created this overview of the most basic Enneagram self-images (click graphic for larger view):

This one is a snapshot of each personality style's key blind spot, or as Helen Palmer puts it, "focus of attention" (click graphic for larger view):

And here are typical responses when each of the nine is "in the grip" (click graphic for larger view):

 *     *     *

For further depth, this graphic has labels my non-Enneagram clients can relate to, summarizing the blind spots and development path for each personality style (click graphic for larger view):

And this one (from Margaret Frings Keyes, The Enneagram Relationship Workbook) I've always found to be an easy and quick snapshot of each of the nine. Note that the Talk Style of style 7 is incorrectly listed as "temperance," which is their development path. Their talk style is "Enthusiasm" or "Talking in Pictures" (future oriented). (click graphic for larger view):

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