Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Optimist in La-la Land

Question: What descriptions and self-descriptions will you hear that suggest someone might be an Enneagram style Seven?
"Jack's career somehow got sidelined under his previous boss," said Ben. I'm the one who took him off the shelf, but my superiors don't have the time of day for him, and I'm beginning to question my own judgment. Technically he knows his job and he's bright as hell, but not deep in his analysis of existing problems. He's optimistic to a fault, paints a pretty picture for me, which I pass on to my own boss, then I find Jack's not always up front, doesn't do his homework in the beginning, doesn't give me the research and the options."

"He's got no regard for a budget," Ben continued. "And while I like to give a guy a little head room, he abuses it when it comes to spending money on his employees. I called you because I'm typically on the same wave length with people who report to me, but Jack and I are miles apart. I spent several hours talking to him about this two days ago, and his reaction was to 'Yes' me to death. The next day he told me he wasn't sure what I said. The guy's in la-la land!"

When Jack and I met, he greeted me with a delighted smile, introduced me to everyone on his team, made sure I had coffee, then spiraled into a conversation about how to make really great salsa! When we got down to business, he said "I always thought Ben and I had a lot in common. We're both very family-oriented and sensitive to people, and he's promoted me twice in the last two years. But the last time we met he told me we have a 'communication problem.' Then he said I'm 'not a team player,' and after that I kind of went into a fog. I have no idea where he's coming from because my whole organization is team-driven and I preach teamwork and team attitude. I know all my people by name, spend time with them, take them out to lunch, whereas Ben never does that. I'm more of a cheerleader than he is."

(After our consultation was completed, Jack sent me the following cartoon:)


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