Friday, October 6, 2017

Whistling in the Dark: Enneagram Sixes Only Look Like Eights

Question: In your article about a work team led by an Enneagram Five, Matt (Six) sounds to me like an Eight, or more specifically, he sounds like me: "Straight from gut to mouth," "danger out there." But Six has no connection with Eight on the Enneagram. Any insights here?
Counterphobic Sixes can look like Eights in their external behavior. They may act tough, but their internal motivations are quite different from style Eights'. The "danger out there" is danger to be feared as opposed to Eights' "I'm King of the jungle."

Style Sixes can give their power away by focusing on (and accusing/criticizing) those they believe to be in power. Their aggressiveness is like whistling in the dark, their fear an avoidance of fear ("I'm not afraid. I'm NOT afraid!").

Enneagram Eights simply aren't afraid (they don't give themselves permission to be weak). They may whistle in the dark but it's because they're excited by danger. It's a manifestation of their passion for excess.

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