Wednesday, February 8, 2017

What's the Point? Enneagram Nine? Or Five?

Question: I'm trying to decide if I'm Enneagram style Nine or Five. I've read that the Five's talk style is "dissertations" and the Nine's is "epic tales." How are these different?
"Dissertations" from style Fives are well-organized and logical (and intended to directly influence one's thinking about a concept). This reflects the way their minds work: they'll collect a mountain of information and synthesize it, cull it down (they can even be too reductionist). This style shows up in their language and the metaphors they use as well. 

In contrast, style Nines will wander in their "epic tales." They can be distracted by one thought, then another, go off on tangents, perhaps even forgetting what point they were trying to make. I'm style Nine, and over the years I've learned to stay focused, especially in writing, but when I first started my web site in 1999, you could start reading one of hundreds of articles and eventually link to most of the others, without a trail back to the home page. My computer-whiz daughter pointed out the lack of identifying information on the linked pages (how to contact me, or how to return to the home page), and the links were full-frame instead new windows. So, for example, you could go from my Home Page to Articles, from there link to an article on Anger, then to an outside link, and thus have left my site completely! My whole web site was an epic tale.

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